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Vape Lab India was founded in 2016, www.vapelab.co.in is live since August 2017. Vape Lab India is the brainchild of a group of three friends who were vape enthusiasts.We have been vaping since years learning and trying different kits, features and mod configurations, sampling the most delicious e-liquids.

In our journey as vapers we experienced a lot of trouble sourcing the vape gears in India. There were no good sellers of vape in India, and those selling were selling at bizarre prices. Thus, Vape Lab India was born, with the aim to provide best vape experience in India at the lowest price possible. We do intensive research and hand-pick the best vape products, latest mods and tanks to deliver you the best vaping experience. Everyone at Vape Lab India is an avid vaper. We test every product prior to offering it for sale. Anything that does not stand up to the Quality Standard is eliminated. This makes us different then others.
Vape Lab India is committed to providing products that vapers love, new and experienced vapers alike. We offer the best vape products in India, authentic brand names, fast & free shipping and friendly customer support.

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